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Believing the Laws of Nature

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

And now my life ebbs away; days of suffering grip me. Night pierces my bones; my gnawing pains never rest. Job 30:16, 17, NIV.

Something was wrong—very wrong. Despite a definite diagnosis and appropriate medication, Audrey Watts wasn’t feeling better. Instead, joint pain, stiffness, and muscle weakness now involved her hands and arms as well as her legs. The pain was increasingly incapacitating, leaving her wheelchair-bound and unable to do even the simplest household duties.

Her husband pastored at a lifestyle center, so she knew “the health rules,” and she followed many of them. Her doctors said they didn’t matter. Lifestyle changes probably wouldn’t help her condition anyway.

As a last desperate resort after long years of suffering, Audrey checked herself into the Weimar Lifestyle Center’s three-week live-in program. There she ate a diet free of refined oils, high-fat foods, and refined sugar. She was served an abundance of fresh and unrefined plant foods. Her daily routine included several hydrotherapy treatments, physical exercise, and spiritual renewal. By the end of three weeks Audrey was feeling better than she had in years. She was able to move with less pain, even exercise some.

At home she put the principles she had learned into practice. Concentrating on actually living all eight of the natural laws of health, she reordered her life to eliminate stressful activities, prepared only natural, unrefined foods, exercised outdoors daily in the fresh air and sunshine, conscientiously drank adequate amounts of water, and continued with hydrotherapy and massage treatments. For her, temperance meant not overdoing it and learning to relax and get adequate rest as well as good quality sleep. Daily she renewed her walk with Jesus and her trust in God.

Day by day she had less stiffness and pain. A year later she was off medication, symptom-free, and holding an undemanding job. Her painful symptoms creep up if she slips back into her old health-destroying habits, but God’s natural remedies continually work a miracle in her life.

There’s no doubt in Audrey’s mind or mine about the truth of this statement: “The laws of nature . . . are divine, and . . . only in obedience to them can health be recovered or preserved” (The Ministry of Healing, p. 113).

Lord, thank You for the incredible restorative power my body has if I just follow God’s laws of nature.

Used by permission of Health Ministries, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.